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Virgin Airlines is a British air carrier having its headquarters in Crawley, UK. The airline’s name is, in actual, a name for trading of Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. and Virgin Atlantic International Ltd. When set up in the year 1984, the airline was decided to fly in between London and Falkland Islands. But in recent times, it flies to the Caribbean, Africa, and Middle-East & Asia from its main center in London. Plan a journey with this airline by reserving your tickets with Virgin Airlines Reservations. Here, with our expert support, you can get offers such as up to 50% discounts, offers and vouchers. Let’s have a sight at what this entire airline has in the box for you and millions of passengers like you to cherish and get entertained by.


The baggage allowances for all the cabin classes are different from each other. Be it checked-in bags or handbags or cabin bag, each one has a separate measurement based on the carry purpose. Let’s look at this below:-


Passengers traveling with Virgin Airlines in these classes can fly with a handbag having weight of10 kg for each passenger. Now, when coming to checked baggage, travelers flying in Economy Class are permitted one bag with equal to or less than 23 kg and measuring 90by75by43 cm. For the passengers flying in Premium Class, they are allowed two bags weighing equal to or less than 23 kg and measuring 90by75by43 cm.


Passengers traveling with Virgin Airlines in this class are permitted to carry a handbag with no more than 12 kg weight per passenger. Also, the allowance for the checked-in baggage for this class includes three bags with no more than 32 kg weight and measurement of 90by75by43 cm.

Besides this, in any of the cases, if you tend to carry more bags than you are permitted under FBA, then you are recommended to reach the experts at Virgin Airlines Reservations. These experts at Virgin Airlines Reservations will support you to get the best deals on booking and will also provide you the great offers. While you pay an extra amount for your extra baggage, you will be able to carry those additional bags. Just ask our experts at the Virgin Airlines Reservations about it to avoid any clouds of confusion while flight boarding.

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